Our values

At BG, we are passionate. Just like in music, we believe that details make all the difference.

We dream that every musician, from the youngest to the most experienced, finds a playing comfort that allows them to overcome constraints and express themselves with joy.

We offer musicians unparalleled acoustic, ergonomic, and maintenance comfort.

Listening to and exchanging ideas with musicians from around the world allows us to surpass ourselves, constantly innovate, all while relying on our recognized craftsmanship. We apply the utmost rigor in our manufacturing, the choice of our partners, and the selection of materials. This demand, this attention to detail, makes our products:

  • High-performing
  • Durable

The comfort of musicians is at the center of our concerns.

We create durable products that enhance their playing comfort, acoustics, and maintenance, allowing them to express their art without constraints. We love music and put our hearts into creating the best products, dedicated to serving the comfort of musicians.

Continuous improvement and innovation. Thanks to our keen sense of listening and the fine mastery of our know-how, we constantly challenge the status quo. This allows us to continuously improve our products and innovate, collaborating with musicians to push even further in enhancing their comfort.

Our love for every musician is our driving force.

Music is a constant challenge, much like a musician working on their score over and over again, with the ambition to stand out through details, finding that extra something that will make all the difference.

We only sell products that we are proud to recommend. Customer respect is in our DNA. We only sell what we would like to buy: products that are beautiful, well-crafted, reliable, and durable.


Our history

Our manufacturing process