Founded in 1985, BG is a family-owned artisanal business.

It constantly evolves through the passion of its creator, Franck Bichon, his expertise, that of his high-end specialized suppliers, and of course, with the presence of skilled workers in sewing and ligature manufacturing.

« We want every musician, from the youngest to the most experienced, to find their comfort. »

The story of BG begins with the idea of Serge Bichon, a student of Marcel Mule, an esteemed saxophone professor at the Lyon Conservatory, who trained, among others, Claude Delangle (professor at CNSM Paris) and the Habanera Quartet (the most awarded wind ensemble worldwide).

In his rigorous and demanding approach to playing, he had the brilliant and innovative idea that the ligature, a small detail that no one sought to improve, could make all the difference in acoustics.

From the beginning, BG ligatures have been thoughtfully, tested, and improved by and for musicians in a constant pursuit of perfection. No less than 200 trials were conducted to determine the ideal composition of ligature fabrics, resulting in the choice of bi-material. An innovation that makes all the difference!

These exquisite ligatures might have remained a well-kept secret among connoisseurs if Franck Bichon, the son of Serge Bichon, had not seized his father's idea to develop it further, with a firm determination to offer musicians worldwide the highest-quality products, continually improve their acoustic and ergonomic comfort, and make instrument maintenance easier for them.

As a designer and manufacturer, he has developed, with the same requirements (quality, originality, innovation, and durability), the widest range of accessories for wind instruments worldwide.

BG Franck Bichon is one of the leading French accessory makers for wind instruments.

Their product line comprises over 300 items. BG focuses on mid-range and high-range products, including a variety of ligatures, straps, swabs, pad dryers, and accessories. BG relies on the expertise of accomplished artists and selected professors to develop and enhance its products.

Since 1985, BG has been firmly rooted in its region, the Lyon area. Recognized as a Living Heritage Company, BG has developed a unique expertise in its production workshop. The region, known for textiles, leather goods, and jewelry, has provided the canvas for establishing lasting relationships with luxury craftsmanship. This Savoir-Faire is an integral part of BG's manufacturing process.

From the beginning, BG has been a pioneer, creating from scratch, starting in the family garage, a market that did not exist and that no one believed in. Today, BG has a 1200m2 production facility, distributes in 85 countries, and exports 85% of its products.


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