Our manufacturing process

« When details make the difference » is not a randomly chosen slogan. All our products are handmade in the purest artisanal tradition.

craftsmanship since 1985

We apply the utmost precision in our manufacturing, the selection of our partners, and the choice of materials.

This demand, this attention to detail, makes our products high-performing and durable.

By designing and crafting high-quality, long-lasting accessories, we provide musicians with unparalleled acoustic, ergonomic, and maintenance comfort.

Thanks to our listening skills and the meticulous mastery of our craftsmanship, we constantly challenge the status quo. This allows us to continuously improve our products and innovate, collaborating with musicians to push the boundaries of comfort even further.

« We are uncompromising on the quality of our products, checked at every stage. »

Franck Bichon

Material Selection

We choose the finest materials, develop rigorous manufacturing processes, and select partners for their exceptional expertise and consistency in quality to build a lasting relationship.

Quality Control

BG ligatures and straps are handcrafted in France and undergo three checks at different stages of production to earn the BG quality.

Recognized Expertise

EPV Label

The French state label that acknowledges the excellence of exceptional "Savoir-Faire".

Artinov Awards

The Artinov departmental prizes reward craft companies in various categories.

Maître artisan

This title represents the highest distinction in the field of craftsmanship. It testifies not only to the quality of the Savoir-Faire acquired, but also to its holder's genuine commitment to promoting the craft.

Grand prix Fondexpa

Foundation for export development in the craft industry.


Our values