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The luxury travel bag

The luxury travel bag features two handles and a comfortable leather handle with a snap closure. Reinforced by two nylon straps, it ensures optimal support. Its sophisticated design with the BG metal logo combines elegance and practicality for traveling with style and security.
Price €185.13
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48 hours bag

 Black travel bag, dimensions 30x30x60 cm, ideal for your 48-hour trips.
Price €287.13
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24 hours bag

Black travel bag, dimensions 26x26x48 cm, ideal for your 24-hour trips.
Price €271.96
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Laundry - Flexible briefcase

Storage bag for clothes, dimensions 51x38 cm.
Price €24.15
Regular price €34.50
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Garment bag

Garment cover for hanging clothes, dimensions 62x100 cm.
Price €39.96