Ximena Constantino is a Mexican saxophonist and is the first woman who finished her studies in the National Conservatory of Music of Mexico certificated as a saxophone performer. She joined in Assembly Wind of Mexico City. Furthermore, she has been invited to play in other national orchestras and symphonic bands. Moreover, she has participated as a soloist in the May 5 Philharmonic, in the Conservatory Symphony Band, in the Tlalnepantla Chamber Orchestra and in the University of the Americas Puebla Symphony Orchestra, getting a full artistic scholarship to study a degree in Communication and Media Production.

« BG helps me find my sound and my comfort when playing »

In the popular sphere she has played with artists like Gualberto Castro, Fernando de la Mora, Rodrigo de la Cadena and the TRI, performing on stages such as the National Auditorium, the City Theater, Bicentennial Theater, Zocalo of Mexico City, Sala Silvestre Revueltas, and others.

In 2012 she won the second place in the National Competition of Classical Saxophone Marcel Mule in the FAM. Some months ago, she was a semifinalist of the First International Clarinet and Saxophone Festival "Clari-sax" 2019.

Meanwhile, in 2017 she organized the National Congress of Saxophonist Women and in 2018 the Meeting of Women Artists; where different artist and musicians from the world were invited for contributing to the equity of gender in this field.

Musical training has been constantly for Constantino, attending music improvement courses in Mexico, Brazil and Spain and taking lessons with Marie Bernadette (France), Hilomi Sakaguchi (Japan), Filomeno Ortiz (Mexico), Nicolás Prost (USA) Dilson Florencio (Brazil), Hans de Jong (Belgium), Miguel Ángel Lorente (Spain).

In last months, her participations in the international festivals has been outstanding. In August she was invited to the New Music Festival of Ensenada, Baja California, where she taught saxophone lessons to children and teenagers. And the last was in the International Festival of Perusax where she premiered work by Venus Rey Jr.

At present, Ximena not only develops in academic and music sphere, also she works in cultural journalism in digital sites and as director of the next Meeting Women Artists 2019.