The legitimacy of straps and their indispensable nature as an accessory for B-flat clarinet players (of all levels) is not uniformly recognized across territories and countries.

For example, in France, their usage remains too marginal compared to their importance in South America and the USA. Some traditions persist, as was the case with swabs in their time.

So why is the strap an essential element for proper clarinet practice?

  • For health

Initially, any clarinetist can empirically observe that prolonged clarinet practice (from 20-30 minutes onwards) can cause joint pain and calluses:

To address this, the strap has a CURATIVE effect. It allows for the distribution of the instrument's weight between the thumb and the neck.

In a second aspect, it is not uncommon to encounter clarinetists who, after some time, fall victim to tendonitis. This becomes a real handicap, as tendonitis temporarily prevents any playing session and can also weaken and lead to complications throughout life.

In this regard, the strap has a PREVENTIVE effect.

  • For proper instrument handling

On February 21, 2020, during the New Jersey Music Educator Association Conference, Tom DAVIDSON, 8th Grade Band Director at Randolph Middle School, Master of Music Education at VanderCook College of Music, gave a lecture on:

  1. Correcting the improper right hand position of clarinetists
  2. The benefits of using a clarinet neck strap

Through his own observations of his students, he discovered how clarinet neck straps could correct the finger placement issues of student clarinetists. He noted that younger clarinetists often struggle to manage the instrument's weight, as they haven't yet developed the necessary musculature to support it appropriately. They compensate with various techniques, leading to difficult-to-correct bad habits.

It is with BG France straps that Tom finds the solution. He explains:

« A clarinet neck strap relieves the thumb of some of the instrument's weight and distributes it on the neck, allowing the musician to more easily achieve a better right hand position, better technique, better embouchure, and better sound quality »


Tom DAVIDSON recommends:


This model is the thinnest and therefore the easiest to place in student clarinet cases with limited storage space. It's the most economical option.

BG's elastic nylon model is my favorite clarinet cord offering. It is similar to the previous model but has cotton padding around the neck. More luxurious, higher-end.


Congratulations and a big thank you to Tom DAVIDSON for his lecture!


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Discover the result of his study below: