Whether you prefer acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, choosing the right strap is crucial for your comfort.

Specializing in quality accessories for wind instruments since 1985, we understand the importance of relieving the artist from the weight of the guitar so that they can enjoy playing freely, without physical constraints, and have a durable, high-quality strap!


At every stage of design, production, and control, we have one certainty: DETAILS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

Instead of copying a competitor's version, we wanted to imagine with a fresh perspective what you, guitarists, needed the most... to motivate you to discover and compare BG.

We are here to listen and extend this experience to meet your expectations!

A "MADE IN FRANCE" design: The leathers of our straps, "chosen for their beauty and flexibility," are used by the leading leather goods brands in France. Our straps are handcrafted in our workshops.



A signature in 3 acts

An "Arrow" END as a signature, including:

  • A practical pocket: "mediator holder," to always have a spare pick at hand!
  • The presence of 2 holes for quick adjustment.

A choice of reinforcement/finish according to individual needs:

  • Thick cotton sponge to absorb sweat.
  • A comfortable thick fleece lining between the leather and the sponge to lighten the shoulder from the weight of the guitar.
  • An optional anti-slip band on some models to prevent unwanted swinging of certain guitars!

A "BG" FINISH on all our models:

  • All threads are cut and burned.


Our range is intentionally limited. You find the qualitative visual signature through the choice of materials and identity with the arrow-shaped end.




For those seeking a compact and more economical option, we also offer nylon strap versions with the option of a thick leather shoulder pad with double sponge AND fleece.



A high-end collection that combines elegance and comfort.